#OTRII Tour Atlanta Night One was LIT! (2018)

The Saturday show of the Atlanta stop of the On The Run II Tour at Mercedes Benz Stadium was crazy. After Jay-Z and Beyoncé performed the last song of the night, “APE S#!T“, a random man from the audience hopped on stage and tried to follow them until some of the dancers ran after him and fought him. I have no idea why or how this person was able to get access to the stage! Where was Security?! I have no idea, but I just hope Queen Bey and Jay-Z are safe.

Before the shenanigans at the end of the show happened there was an opening act before The Carters performed. At 7:30pm Chloe and Halle, a young singing duo from Atlanta, who are on the television show “grownish” and on Beyoncé’s Parkwood Entertainment label were the opening act. They performed songs from their “The Kids are Alright” album and in my opinion did great singing and playing instruments.

After Chloe and Halle performed DJ Khaled came out to hype the crowd up and brought out special guests such as Monica, Cee Lo, Ludacris, and Jermaine Dupri. The diverse and excited sold out crowd went crazy as each guest performed.

At around 8:50pm the stadium went dark and the screens lit up and everyone in the diverse crowd started screaming loudly because Jay-Z and Beyoncé were about to come on stage!!!!

This was my fourth time seeing Beyoncé in concert and every time I’ve attended one of her concerts the energy in the stadium is electric! It feels like your favorite team winning a championship game and being a kid on Christmas all in one. Maybe I’m biased because I’m in “The Beyhive”, but I’ve never been disappointed with her performances even Jay-Z held his own and did well! Beyoncé’s stamina and physique, especially after recently giving birth to twins is amazing.

The Carters performed their hits such as “Crazy in Love”, “‘03 Bonnie and Clyde”, “Deja Vu”, “Upgrade U”, “NICE”, and “Black Effect”. I also enjoyed how the set list mashed up some of their individual hit songs. For example Jay-Z’s “Clique” mixed in with Beyoncé’s “Diva” sounded amazing. Beyoncé performed “Drunk in Love” and it was mixed with F.L.Y.’s “Swag Surfin'” and some of the crowd started swag surfing with Beyoncé. Also, Beyoncè danced to O.T. Genesis’, “Everybody Mad“, which she also performed back in April at the Coachella music festival. Jay -Z performed songs off his recent “4:44” album such as “Family Feud” and “The Story of OJ”. He also performed older hits such as “Dirt off Your Shoulder”, “99 Problems”, “Big Pimpin’”, and “Song Cry”.

The concert went through the highs and lows of The Carters married relationship from infidelity to forgiveness and family. Beyoncé and Jay -Z changed outfits multiple times during the show. One of Jay-Z’s standout outfits was when he wore a bandana around his head and jacket with a glittery black panther on the back. A standout outfit for Beyoncé was when she went from a white and silver sparkle jumpsuit, then a black leather leotard, then to a golden yellow gown with a golden yellow train to perform the emotional relationship song “Resentment”. Other standout songs were when Beyoncé performed the female empowerment anthem “Run the World” , Formation”, as well as “Flawless”. As she performed “Flawless” you could read the screens and hear audio from author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, talking about feminism and how society puts women against one another instead of working together and being confident.

Another stand out performance was when Jay-Z performed “The Story of OJ”, which samples singer Nina Simone’s “Four Women”. As Jay-Z performed this song various black and white cartoon images and mugshots from different activists and rappers and entertainers were seen on the screen.

My favorite part of the show was when Jay-Z and Beyoncé performed “Family Feud”, which samples The Clark Sisters’ gospel song, “He-ya”. When Beyoncé was on the stage singing the lyric “Heya” , which means eternal life, the stage literally rose up and moved across the stadium and the audience went crazy. It was so cool to me.

I loved the set design and the set list and attention to detail from the co-ed band, the multiple dancers, and the theme of going and running through the ups and downs of life. Overall, I give the show an A plus! I’m not sure if Beyoncé and Jay-Z will ever retire or if they will ever go back on tour together, but if you ever have an opportunity to attend one of their concerts you should most definitely go. Hopefully the concert will be on DVD or come on HBO like the first “On The Run” Tour did. Check out for more information and pictures from various cities they’ve toured.

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