That time I met Ms. Susan L. Taylor.

Happy Birthday to the legendary Ms. Susan L. Taylor. Years ago I had the opportunity to meet the former editor-in-chief of ESSENCE magazine, Susan L. Taylor, at my alma mater, Fort Valley State University. She was so kind and spoke about the importance of mentoring and taking care of  your mind, body, and soul. The other day I was going through some old emails and stumbled across the notes I wrote down years ago when she spoke and I felt like sharing them with you all because they are still relevant today.

  • Sometimes you have to shut up and listen.
  • When you wake up in the morning smile and thank God.
  • Be a lifelong learner. College is about exploring.
  • Be personal and write handwritten thank you notes. Call people and remember birthdays.
  • Be kind to your parents.
  • Fire your inner critic who says what people say.
  • Know how to accept constructive criticism that can help you, not knock you down.
  • Read more books and expand your vocabulary.
  • Watch the company you keep.
  • Learn how to be your own best friend.
  • Your body is a temple: Before you sleep with someone think about them being stuck in your life forever.
  • Someone should love you for who you are.
  • Have a ten minute quiet time. (NO computer, NO music, NO phone)
  • Life is change don’t be an empty vessel.
  • If you do not know your history, you do not know who you are.
  • People judge you on your grammar and speech.
  • Elders need to know when to let young generations take reign.
  • The song “Lift Every Voce and Sing” is a powerful song with meaning and paved the way for us now. Lets not take it for granted.
  • Everyone is not a Christian or your religion, have tolerance.
  • Anything that is known is knowable.
  • You are a divine original and have a unique life.
  • Everything in magazines and pictures are edited and Photoshopped.
  • Celebrities and models have flaws and problems..
  • Exercise 20 minutes a day, be healthy, not necessarily a certain body size.]
  • Love Yourself first.
  • Have walk on water faith.
  • Mentor to young children in your community and help them with their reading skills.
  • Sometimes you can physically be here, but mentally elsewhere, so take one thing at a time.
  • Every time you are drunk or high you are eroding brain cells.
  • Know who you are and dream big.

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