Don’t Dim Your Light!


In personal relationships and friendships in order to get along with others some tone down their physical appearance and dumb down who they are to eliminate being judged and have people like or love them, but you should NEVER feel like you always have to do that! * That doesn’t mean not to listen to legit people’s constructive criticism, better yourself, but have the discernment to know when someone is always picking on you just because or labeling you a problem because you have confidence or you think differently.

Regardless of your attire, size, complexion, style, or hair texture, SHINE because of how you carry yourself and treat people.

At times some people project their insecurities onto others. If someone is quiet, short, taller, shaped a certain way, or does not share the same interests it does not mean they are stuck up.

I’m a visual learner. So, body language, voice tone, and actions or lack of actions speak louder to me than anything else. Because of others preconceived notions, valid facts, opinions, or environment young women are praised or put down for having certain features, being more introverted, or extroverted.  If you know me I’ve always changed my hairstyles and nail polish frequently. Why? Simply, Because I Can, nothing philosophical or special.  For a brief moment, I will play devil’s advocate and say some use looks to their advantage, don’t take time to even talk or get to know someone for themselves, or think people skills and hard work don’t apply to them.

Some people are naturally thin, others are naturally thick and it won’t matter how much one eats or work out in my Future the rapper voice: Ain’t No Way around It!  Unless surgery for the right reasons.  That’s not an excuse to eat crazy because you’re slender or if you’re bigger in certain places to make fun of another’s body type.  I’m no Fashion Police or What Not to Wear expert or shopper!  However, to eliminate unnecessary drama, annoyances, and insecurities I think it’s at times necessary to shop with people who share your body type or understand dressing for certain styles. Understand the dilemma of being petite, tall, short, skinny, busty, hippy, thick, bigger in certain places, smaller others places, larger other areas, shoe sizes, etc.  My 2 cents: If you can never genuinely verbally, emotionally support, acknowledge, or encourage another person or give another person a compliment something’s seriously wrong!

—Peace Out  follow@asiamber