Virtual Insanity

Virtual Insanity

Cassette Tapes, CD Players, VHS, Floppy Disks, Flip Phones,  are now “useless”.

Jamiroquai’s song “Virtual Insanity” randomly came on shuffle on my playlist and I started thinking of all the technology and gadgets that have appeared within my millennial lifetime. Coming of age in the 90’s and early 2000’s technology advanced and we adapted it into our everyday life. Today we have so many forms of communication and are able to have constant access to people and information, but are we really putting forth an effort to communicate and pay attention? I was on a busy intersection one day and the person in the next lane was driving and taking pictures of themselves on the phone and almost caused an accident!

Sharing is great, but sometimes it’s information overload! However, way too many compare themselves, seek attention and validation through followers, likes, photos, and statuses that they just can’t be!  Every now and then log off and take your eyes off of a screen please.

Now, I’m not knocking technology because I really enjoy social media, and when it’s used properly it’s great from making business or career connections or keeping in touch with family and friends it’s a wonderful tool. Maybe reality television and social media have some in my generation in an alternate universe, but sometimes social media can be kind of shallow.

There’s a fine line between sharing things online and turning social media into your personal diary.

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It’s interesting how some people make assumptions solely based off of strategically selected pictures or videos and assume people don’t have problems or go through things.

Just because people “look” cute in a picture does NOT mean they have a “good” relationship or are free of problems. You do not see or know all the hard work or obstacles someone may face even though they smile in every picture or seem to be happy in every status. Dig deeper and make sure your online persona and offline life actually match up and that you are not idolizing or envying or comparing your unique life to other people based off of pictures. It’s okay to disconnect sometimes and engage in eye contact with people or limit your screen time.

Everyone is displaying their “highlight reel”, but you don’t know their behind the scenes.