What Yeezy Taught Us…

Amber and special guest, Solomon, discuss their complex relationship with producer-rapper, Kanye West. Click here to listen. Also, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, and whatever other podcast platforms you listen to. Also, check out the “Jeen-Yuhs” Kanye documentary on Netflix. It chronicles the makings of Kanye’s first album and behind-the-scenes footage of Kanye and his late mother Professor Donda West. I highly recommend watching it. It’s very interesting to see everything Kanye went through in the early 2000’s to see the person he is now.

My “Kanye Rant” lol

I do NOT like or agree with Kanye West’s current political beliefs or like everything he says or does. Yet, I cannot deny the man is musically gifted and over the years has produced such good music. Can y’all believe it’s been 17 years since Kanye’s debut album “The College Dropout” was released?!

I remember when I first heard the song “Through The Wire” at a leadership conference in middle school. The speaker was talking about overcoming obstacles and how this new producer, Kanye West, recorded his album with his jaw wired shut after surviving a car accident. I remember everybody rocking Polo T-Shirts and backpacks and teddy bears. I remember HBCU bands playing Kanye’s ”All of the Lights” during football games.

Kanye has always been outspoken: from his comments about former President George Bush and how black people were negatively impacted by Hurricane Katrina to him interrupting singer, Taylor Swift’s award acceptance at the 2009 MTV VMA’s to say Beyoncé had the better music video. Many question how Kanye went from being the socially conscious rapper with songs like “All Falls Down“, “Jesus Walks“, and “Heard ‘Em Say” and making appearances on “Def Poetry Jam” and fast forward to present day to Kanye making more controversial statements like saying slavery was a choice and being a supporter of Trump, who has spoken so negatively about so many marginalized groups to include Black and Brown people who happen to have been some of Kanye’s day one fans.

In my opinion, it is difficult to support an artist who praises a political figure that you don’t support, has questionable antics, and who has actions that contradict everything they write or talk about.

Check out a young Kanye on “Def Poetry Jam” circa 2004.

Also, Check out Kanye’s mom, the late Donda West’s book “Raising Kanye“, it’s quite interesting.

Sigh, I enjoy(ed) Kanye’s older music and I can’t deny his talent. I know that artists and people evolve, and I wish him well, but I miss the “old” Kanye West circa 2004-2011. Maybe I get nostalgic because those were my teenage and college years. However, I really am concerned about Kanye’s mental health since the passing of his mother, Professor Donda West, and I am hoping he is getting counseling or treatment. I just feel like “The Current Kanye” is in a trance or alternate universe compared to 17 years ago, yet like his debut album’s ad-lib echoed, “WAKE UP MR. WEST!” Your original fans miss ya! Kanye recently dropped a Gospel type album titled “Jesus is King” featuring his Gospel choir from his “Sunday Service” music concerts. Who am I to say if Kanye’s relationship with Jesus or God is genuine or a marketing tactic? Maybe turning to religion is a source of comfort for him. Who are we to judge?

Anyway, enough Kanye ranting, but what’s your favorite Kanye West song, album, or moment? Click below to listen to the Spotify playlist and click here to listen to the playlist on Apple Music.


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