The Mariah Carey Bracket & Playlist

I finished The Mariah Carey Bracket. I didn’t create this game. I just found it on social media and filled it out. As a 90’s baby I love Mariah Carey’s music🦋. I found this bracket’s song selections ranged from Mariah’s ballads to her more uptempo songs. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one song because I have so many favorites. Mariah Carey has been singing songs for 30 years and is a talented writer. This bracket game is similar to the NCAA March Madness Basketball Tournament bracket instead of teams it’s songs. Out of the categories given you pick the song out of the two that you like more and that song advances to another round with other songs. Kind of like 2 basketball teams play a game and the winner moves on to the next level game and competes with other teams. It’s fun! Let’s play! Click the link below to listen to my Mariah Carey playlist on Spotify and click here to listen to it on Apple Music.

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