Travel and Concert Ticket Tips

I still daydream about being in Greece and 🏊🏾‍♀️ swimming in the Mediterranean Sea, eating authentic gyros, and seeing history. I feel blessed to have had these experiences and want to share some travel tips. ***FYI- Some of these tips were applicable before the 2020 pandemic.

Santorini, Greece Summer 2016
  • Have an open mind and be open to trying new foods and experiences.
    • Ask, research, and Google various legitimate travel groups and payment plan programs where you can pay 💰 for your trip in installments.
  • For concerts sign up to your favorite artists fan club website or use certain entertainment credit cards because they usually offer presale codes or preferred seating.
  • If you travel within the U.S. frequently invest in TSA pre-check, so you can skip and don’t have to stand in the lines as long as others. It’s $85, but last five years.
    • Get a passport from your local post office at least 3 months before your trip. If you already have one make sure it’s not close to expiring because you may need to renew it.
    • Understand the culture and customs and laws of the place you’re traveling to. What you can do in the USA you may not be able to do in whatever country and what’s considered “normal” in the USA may be “abnormal” overseas and vice-versa.
    • Get a visa depending on what country you’re traveling to.
    • Know where the U.S. Embassy is and sign up for their alerts etc.
    • Google or watch YouTube videos of common phrases, courtesy, and sayings in the country.
    • If you’re in college go to your foreign language department or ask about study abroad programs and scholarship requirements.
    • Have an up to date shot/vaccination record.
    • For safety purposes do NOT post your exact location on social media until AFTER you get back.
    • Travel off season. If somewhere is crowded or more expensive in the summer try going during another part of the year.
    • Call your bank and credit card provider to let them know you’ll be out of the country.
    • Call your cell phone company to establish an international phone plan.
  • For more information click here to listen to “The As-I-Amber Podcast” on Spotify and Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

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