Ariana Grande’s #SweetenerWorldTour 2019

December of 2019 I attended Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener World Tour” at Colonial Life Arena in South Carolina and I enjoyed myself! Although the pop/R&B singer, Ariana Grande, is in her mid twenties, her fan base is a wide range of ages considering some of her fan base knows her from when she was a child actress on a Nickelodeon children’s TV show to her adult pop star life. There were a lot of preteens with their chaperones, teenagers, and college-age adults there.

Near the t-shirt and merchandise lines in the arena were areas for young people to register to vote. I thought that it was cool that Ariana is using her platform to make sure her fan base is registered to vote in local and national elections using the hashtag #thankunextgen.

At 8:25 pm the lights in the stadium went off and the opening act was the pop/rap duo Social House.

They’ve written songs for various pop stars and performed a couple of songs. After Social House performed there was a break and most of the audience sat in anticipation as a pop and r&b playlist ranging from Whitney Houston to The Backstreet Boys played in the background until it was time for Ariana to hit the stage. At 9:25 pm the antsy crowd went crazy because Ariana finally hit the stage and there was a huge moon lunar eclipse prop behind her and the dancers.

Ariana had her signature ponytail hairstyle and her petite frame was glowing belting out ”An Angel Cried” followed by other songs like ”R.E.M” ”7 Rings”, ”Side to Side”, ”Breathin’”, and other tracks off of her ”Sweetener”, ”Thank U Next”, and ”Dangerous Woman”, “My Everything” and “Yours Truly” albums and since it’s December she performed some songs off of her “Christmas & Chill” mixtape.

I left the show a little early to beat traffic. Overall I enjoyed the almost sold-out show and the visuals. I just wish Ariana would’ve come on stage earlier considering the concert ticket said 8 pm and she didn’t start until almost 9:30 pm. Ariana was energetic and her voice was crisp and her dancers and the band were on point! If you’re interested in more concert details follow the #SweetenerWorldTour hashtag on social media or check out

Below is a Spotify playlist with some of my favorite Ariana Grande songs. Click here for Apple Music and click here for Tidal.

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