HBCU Homecoming Rules

It’s HBCU Homecoming Season! The time of year when historically black college and university alumni from across the country come together to fellowship for the biggest friends and family reunion football game of the season.

I can already smell the food on the grill, see the hugs, hear the band, and see the pageant waves from the homecoming queen and the royal court during the parade, but before you make your homecoming plans here are a few rules for alums:

1. Plan to use your vacation day(s) or plan to be off work so that you can enjoy yourself and recover from the weekend. You aren’t 21 anymore.

2. Have a place to stay or get a hotel room.

3. Wear comfortable shoes at the tailgate.

4. Drink some water and stay hydrated and know your limits.

5. Stretch before you go to the party, so you won’t have to utilize an Icy Hot patch the next day after strolling or dancing too hard.

6. Have a designated driver or use Uber.

7. Take pictures and make new memories. However be aware that you have a job-career now, so be cautious of what you upload to social media or update your “privacy” settings.

8. We remember you before the degrees and titles and also how you treated folks years ago. As Dr. Maya Angelou said, “People may forget what you said or did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel” remember that and act accordingly.

9. Get tickets for different events and have cash for various vendors.

10. Have a portable cell phone charger.

11. Network and talk to your peers face-to-face and exchange contact information.

12. Last but certainly not least, have fun, and don’t forget to contribute your time, money, and resources back to your HBCU to impart into future generations.

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