Canceled Chrisette

This photo was taken back in April of 2016 at an album listening party before the 2016 Election and before Chrisette voiced her political opinions.

R&B- Singer-songwriter, Chrisette Michele, lost many fans and career opportunities a few years ago after singing at Donald Trump’s Inauguration. I like Chrisette’s voice and music, but I do NOT agree with her choice to sing at Trump’s Inauguration! Maybe she needed the money or didn’t want to listen to her fan base? However, I can’t help but nod my head to the beat when I hear “Aston Martin Music” come on a throwback playlist. Back in April of 2016, I had a chance to meet Chrisette Michele at an album listening party in Columbus, GA at CIRCA Lounge and she was very kind, answered questions, and took photos with the public. However, this was before the 2016 Election and before Chrisette voiced her opinions on politics. Later on in the year many fans were disappointed to learn of Chrisette’s personal decision to sing at Trump’s inauguration. Did Chrisette just need the money or did she truly “support” Trump? People are entitled to their opinions and choices, yet when someone you admire and listen to “supports” someone who you don’t agree with do you stop supporting them? Chrisette did not rape, abuse, or kill anyone, but she sang at an event for someone who has numerous alleged assault cases against women and has said very foul things about people of color. It’s hard to support someone who is so musically gifted, yet has very different beliefs. Example: Kanye West. My question is will the “Epiphany” singer ever have an epiphany and apologize to her fan base? Have her political views changed and evolved? Will the public ever give her grace and support her again or will she spend a “Couple of Forever’s” on the “canceled” list?

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