“Ain’t Too Proud” Musical Review

I recently had an opportunity to see my beautiful and talented cousin, actress Taylor Jackson, perform in the musical called “Ain’t Too Proud” currently playing at The Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. The phenomenal musical is about the life and times of the 60’s era R&B/Soul group “The Temptations” who were part of the legendary Motown music label. My cousin, Taylor, played one of The Supremes, Mary Wilson, and also played a character named “Johnnie Mae” who managed The Temptations in the beginning stages of their career before signing to Motown Records.The musical is told from the perspective of the last surviving original Temptations member, Otis Williams. For many people The Temptations’ musical catalog was the soundtrack for their formative years. The musical covers the life and times of being a black musician during the racially segregated Civil Rights Era. The Temptations endured hardships from being threatened with violence in the Southern United States when they performed to battling family issues, alcoholism, and drug abuse. Despite the challenges the group persevered and paved the way for so many R&B groups from The Jackson 5 to New Edition. Their legacy continues to live on through their music through songs such as “My Girl”, “Just My Imagination”, and “Papa was a Rolling Stone”. The performance was around two hours and had one 15-minute intermission. Every actor did a phenomenal job singing, dancing, and acting! Also, the lighting, band, and sound were so precise! If you ever have an opportunity to see the musical you will be amazed! To find out more about the musical check out Check out the musical trailer by clicking the link here:“Ain’t Too Proud” Musical Trailer

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