Trash TV



Reality shows are the new soap operas and  equivalent of sporting events for women. Between the housewives with no homes or husbands, name calling, hair pulling, and drink throwing I am embarrassed!  Yet, can’t turn away because this is good TV! Pass the popcorn, please! (Don’t act like you haven’t watched, I know you’re guilty ;)Maybe women and some men watch because we all know a Drita, Tami, Evelyn, NeNe, Chrissy, and Kim. No, these aren’t our friends or role models, but grown women who have branded themselves by airing their dirty laundry and high school Mean Girls drama on national TV.  These “nonfactors” are now celebrities, with lucrative contracts and appearance fees.  Scripted reality is the ultimate “come-up” for basic and thirsty chicks. Seriously, what do some of these “women” do besides shop, instigate, and name drop?

I want to give some of them a dictionary because female dog is the only word they seem to know and the irony is that that’s what they act like.  Kanye’s “Golddigger” should be the theme song for all of the shows. You would think that the pro-athletes and entertainers some of the women are affiliated with would have learned from the song’s lyrics. I can only imagine what their children and other family members think of them acting a hot mess on national TV.   However, what I noticed was that the majority of these women have low self esteem or a troubled or abusive past.  I learned the following from certain reality shows:  Stand by your man even though he doesn’t acknowledge your presence or is in and out of jail. Be a fiancé or a jump-off for a decade, reveal secrets at the most inappropriate times, crash charity events, meet up with people you don’t like, then wonder why there’s an argument or physical assault. Go into debt by keeping up with the Jones’. Network producers are sitting back laughing straight to the bank off of foolishness.

The only thing I can do is shake my head and read a book afterwards to gain my brain cells back. Yeah, it’s just a show and only entertainment, if you don’t like it change the channel.  But, what about the young girls and women who emulate these characters, take their advice, or think that that’s how a man is suppose to treat you?  What about the stereotypes and generalizations some of these shows perpetuate to naive audiences? What about real actors who are out of work because reality shows have higher ratings? All I wanted to say was that all women do NOT act this way. Now back to your regular scheduled programming.


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